6 Exciting Home Remodeling Color Trends for 2017

home remodeling color trendsAre you planning to renovate or update a room in your home this year? Whether you’re planning a bathroom update, some basic new construction, a kitchen remodel, or just a few minor decorative adjustments, you want to make sure the end result is perfect. Even something as simple as a paint job can completely revitalize a space in your house. While a professional remodeling company will be able to help you with the details of your particular project, here are five great home remodeling color trends to consider for 2017.

  1. Red & White

Depending on the shade of red you choose, this combination can produce a number of different atmospheres. Bright red and white, much like black and white, can create a look that is very modern and sophisticated. Opting for maroon, on the other hand, may be a better option for homeowners who prefer a warmer and more natural pallet.

  1. Blue & Black

Any home remodeling contractor will tell you that blue is a very popular color choice for homeowners, no matter the room you are updating. Pairing blue with black is becoming increasingly popular as well. This pairing creates at atmosphere that is both polished and suave. This makes it a good fit for families, but also perfect for single individuals as well. Continue Reading →

How to Revamp Your Bathroom Cabinets

bathroom cabinetsDoes one of the bathrooms in your home need a makeover? You can increase functionality, physical appeal, and the overall worth of your home by making some minor enhancements. For instance, deciding to place your focus primarily on your bathroom cabinets will go a long way towards creating a completely new look. Here are several great design trends to consider incorporating into your bathroom update project.

  1. Change the Color

Whether your bathroom’s current color is bright or mild, you can make a drastic impact on your space just by making small changes. Have a favorite color or want to incorporate a color from another room? You can have your home remodeling contractor repaint, refinish, or reface your cabinets to suit your personal tastes.

  1. Increase Functionality

In your bathroom, functionality is everything. While you obviously want the space to look nice, its purpose is primarily one of daily function. Keep your and your family’s needs in mind. Focus on things like additional drawers or cabinets for storage, as well as countertop space. Have a list of functional improvements ready to discuss with your remodeling company. Continue Reading →

Searching for a Home Remodeling Contractor

Home remodeling contractorThe cold weather of winter is finally here, and there’s no better time than this to begin those much-needed home remodeling projects. Whether you’re updating your kitchen or planning a bathroom makeover, this is absolutely the time of the year to do it. If you know your home needs some work done, don’t put off finding a reliable home remodeling contractor. Starting your search early means an earlier completion date for your project. Here are three suggestions to help you in your search.

  1. You Can Ask For Help

Ready for some good news? Finding a reliable home remodeling contractor is not something you should do alone. One of the best ways to find a good contractor in your area is to ask family, friends, and neighbors for referrals. It’s a good bet someone you know can recommend an individual or company they’ve used in the past. Continue Reading →

One Great Product for the Bathroom

linear shower drainOver the past few years we have turned to the linear shower drain when designing many of our clients’ bathrooms, for a couple of reasons.  For this type of drain, the shower curb can be eliminated and the bathroom floor tile can be seamlessly brought through onto the shower floor regardless of the size of the tile, resulting in a sleek continuous look.  Especially when used together with an open shower entry or a clear glass shower door, this no-threshold type of shower is perceived as an inherent part of the whole room rather than a separate closed-in space, resulting in a larger feel to the room.

The second benefit is that the lack of a curb makes this an accessible shower easy for people of all ages and abilities to use, as no one will have to struggle to step over (or, in the case of a wheelchair-bound person, wheel over) a barrier to the shower.  It is also easier for the user to balance on a floor sloping in one direction on one plane than on the traditional bowl-shaped slope.

As designers, we appreciate the choice of patterns in the stainless steel drain cover.  Or we can choose to have no pattern at all — the tile-in, in which inch-and-a-half thin strips of the floor tile are cut to fit in the drain cover, for the most seamless look.  The drains are available in 28 inches to 68 inches wide, and can be placed anywhere in or around the wet area (we usually install them at the front entry to the shower or along the back shower wall).  And they are easy to clean with everything removable.

A Designer Afternoon

1-asid-lunch-n-learn-7-12We are proud to be an Industry Member of the Minnesota Chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers, just one of the four industry organizations to which we belong.  The designers in this group are knowledgeable, industrious, creative, and fun, and all of those attributes were on display one afternoon this week when we welcomed 21 of them into our showroom for a Lunch & Learn.  Fortified by Quiznos and Haagen-Dazs, we all spent an inspiring couple of hours exploring some new kitchen and bath products on the market and how they can be creatively incorporated into our projects to add value for our clients.  We have installed some of these products in our showroom displays and more are to come.

We value our collaborations with other designers; over the years we have worked with many of them on kitchen and bath installations through our company designer program.  By pooling our resources and sharing expertise and experiences, we can design a better kitchen or bath.

The Best Countertops

A common question for us at DreamMaker is “What is the best countertop to use these days?”  We understand the question; technology changes the options and trends tend to change our style.  But we always reply, “The answer is as individual as you are.”  How you use the countertop, how you want (or don’t want) to keep it up, how long you expect it to last, your budget, your perception of “green” materials, the style of your home and your personal style…these are just some of the things that will give you your answer.

Remodeled Bathroom in the Woods

We just finished designing and remodeling a bathroom for the woman of the house– “the house” being a contemporary abode nestled in a lushly wooded hillside.  When the couple bought it twenty years ago, the house was turquoise (yes, almost every room), so the wife set about making it their own by bringing the beautiful outdoors in.  For starters, an artist was commissioned to paint, in the style of the day, a full-room mural of branches and foliage and flowers and birds on the walls of her personal bathroom.  Now, years later, the bathroom was showing wear, and the tired wall painting had to go.  Given the picturesque wooded view outside the window, bringing in natural elements was still the goal.  Take a look at how it was done this time:

A new standard vanity cabinet in richly stained wood was elevated to furniture status by sizing it slightly smaller than the vanity nook and affixing stainless steel legs onsite.  The traditional washstand is further evoked with a contemporary bowl sink and a modern water vessel accessory.  More natural tones  in large porcelain floor tiles and matching smaller accent tiles, a deeply veined Latte Mocha marble vanity top, and bronze fixtures convey the simplicity and serenity of the forest.  A whimsical twig mirror, a candle burning in a ceiling suspended holder, and an animal print cube bench all give an interesting edge.  And what woman wouldn’t welcome her own personal Tarzan to keep watch on her vanity top?