Remodeled Bathroom in the Woods

We just finished designing and remodeling a bathroom for the woman of the house– “the house” being a contemporary abode nestled in a lushly wooded hillside.  When the couple bought it twenty years ago, the house was turquoise (yes, almost every room), so the wife set about making it their own by bringing the beautiful outdoors in.  For starters, an artist was commissioned to paint, in the style of the day, a full-room mural of branches and foliage and flowers and birds on the walls of her personal bathroom.  Now, years later, the bathroom was showing wear, and the tired wall painting had to go.  Given the picturesque wooded view outside the window, bringing in natural elements was still the goal.  Take a look at how it was done this time:

A new standard vanity cabinet in richly stained wood was elevated to furniture status by sizing it slightly smaller than the vanity nook and affixing stainless steel legs onsite.  The traditional washstand is further evoked with a contemporary bowl sink and a modern water vessel accessory.  More natural tones  in large porcelain floor tiles and matching smaller accent tiles, a deeply veined Latte Mocha marble vanity top, and bronze fixtures convey the simplicity and serenity of the forest.  A whimsical twig mirror, a candle burning in a ceiling suspended holder, and an animal print cube bench all give an interesting edge.  And what woman wouldn’t welcome her own personal Tarzan to keep watch on her vanity top?