The Do’s and Don’ts of Home Basement Finishing

Living spaces are becoming more and more expensive, prompting homeowners to look for alternative ways to maximize their home, including making use of the basement. Similar to kitchen remodel projects, finishing a basement is a rewarding experience with a lot of benefits. Before you push through with it, however, here are some things you should keep in mind:

Basement Finishing Do’s

  1. Secure a permit – Before making a major remodeling project to your basement, make sure that you get a permit or approval from building authorities. There might be certain rules that you need to follow or consider. This will prevent issues, especially if you will be selling your house in the future.

  2. Make use of the right materials – Just like in bathroom remodel projects, you have to consider what materials you should use for renovating your basement. You can consult a professional contractor to assist you with choosing construction materials for your basement finishing, especially on your walls.

  3. Focus on maximizing the functionality – Before considering what design to follow for your basement finishing, make sure that it will maximize the utilities in that area. Will you be using the basement for storage? How about as an office space or maybe a new family room? Make sure to consider all these functions before proceeding with the construction process.

Basement Finishing Don’ts

  1. Finish walls without waiting for your basement to dry – Check out issues like leaks and moisture in your basement. Make sure to address these first before finishing your basement walls.

  2. DIY construction – If you don’t have a background in construction, don’t try to DIY everything. Know when you need professional help especially when you need to do some electrical or plumbing.

  3. Forget to consider complete basement finishing system – There are reliable contractors who offers complete basement finishing projects. You can contact them to oversee all the construction process from start to finish.

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