The Janka Scale and Other Factors for Choosing Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring is among the most popular choices for flooring material among homeowners. It comes as no surprise as hardwood floors have some amazing qualities that make them stand out. If you are planning to do a whole home remodel and you are leaning towards getting hardwood flooring, know that it’s not the only choice you have to make.

There are different wood species to choose from and a few factors to consider. Hardness and durability are perhaps the two most important factors that you need to think about before choosing a wood type for your flooring.

The Janka Scale

Using the Janka Scale is a good way for you to have an idea of how well particular wood species will perform. It rates the wood species according to its hardness; the higher the number or value on the Janka Scale, the harder the wood is and the longer you will be able to enjoy its beauty.

The test used for the Janka Scale measures how much force is needed to embed half of the diameter of a .444 inch ball made of steel into the wood. Of course, this scale only serves as a general guide.

Note that the values in the Janka Scale are only applicable to genuine wood and not to engineered hardwood flooring.

Other Factors to Consider

Aside from the hardness and durability of the wood, you should also consider other factors, especially since hardwood flooring offers a lot of options.

Where It Will Be Used

Different rooms in your home may require different flooring. For instance, while solid wood may work for the rest of the house, engineered flooring might be more suitable for a bathroom remodel.

Domestic or Exotic

As you probably know, there are domestic woods that are sourced from North America. These are usually less expensive than exotic hardwoods that are grown in either South America, Australia or even Africa.

Domestic hardwood floors include American Cherry, American Walnut, Maple and more. These are the ones that have a more common look. Exotic woods, on the other hand, like Brazilian Cherry, Koa, Santos Mahogany and others, are more unique-looking. They tend to be more expensive, too.

The Right Color

There is also a range of colors for you to choose from. Some hardwood floors have a really light color like pine flooring, while some are really dark, like walnut floors. Choose one that suits your home’s aesthetics. You should also consider the right color for specific rooms. For instance, darker hardwood floors may be better for kitchen remodels than light-colored flooring.

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