Is a Jack and Jill Bathroom Right for You?

One of the biggest problems large families face is having a shared bathroom. Mornings are particularly hectic when multiple people are queueing up to use the shower and the sink before heading out. Jack and Jill bathrooms offer a convenient compromise to this old issue by allowing two or more people access to their features at the same time.

Is a Jack and Jill Bathroom Right for You?

Let our whole home remodel experts at DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen show you the pros and cons of Jack and Jill bathrooms and help you decide whether this type of remodel is right for your home.

The Pros

You can think of Jack and Jill bathrooms as simply a bigger version of typically sized toilets and baths, with extra space to accommodate two users at once. They often have two doors, each connected to a different room. This type of bathroom is a good solution for homes with too limited space for an entirely new bathroom addition.

Two sets of sinks mean two people can use them at any one time, while a private corner for the toilet and shower ensures that the rest of the bathroom remains accessible even when someone is using them. Double the storage and counter space during your bathroom remodel to fully maximize this benefit.

Sharing Issues

Of course, like with any shared space, a Jack and Jill bathroom will have its own set of issues particularly when its users are not too keen on sharing. If one user happens to lock one door from the inside and neglects to unlock it after they’re done using it, there will be issues with the users who use that one door. One workaround is to make sure that both access points are lockable from both sides and that all parties have the right keys.

Advantages in Value

Comparatively, the value a bathroom remodel adds to your home is smaller than any other type of project such as a bedroom or kitchen remodel. In fact, many homeowners still prefer individualized bathrooms, of course, if their space permits it. Regardless, a Jack and Jill bathroom is still preferable over a regular shared bathroom.

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