Our Best Tips on Adding a Kitchen Island

Your kitchen remodel design should always incorporate “the working triangle”— that is, the direct path connecting your fridge, stove and sink. Kitchen islands are an excellent way to smooth out these three important access points and still look great. However, not all kitchens are made to accommodate an island addition. Limited floor space, poor planning or workflow obstruction can all make islands impractical to some kitchen layouts.

Our Best Tips on Adding a Kitchen Island

Our remodeling experts and designers at DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen recommend the following tips for kitchen island construction so you can make the most out of this useful addition.

Define the Island’s Objectives

What purpose will your kitchen island serve? Communicate with your whole home remodel contractor thoroughly before starting a project. If your island is for cooking, you will need to have an overhead range hood so the smoke and smell don’t spread around the house. If you don’t want a hood in the middle of your kitchen, you can place the sink on the island instead, for faster food prep and cleaning. Remember to always define an objective during the planning stage, so you can put in all the necessary features you want your island to have.

Open Floor Plan

Kitchens with open floor plans are more compatible with having islands although this still depends heavily on how much space you have. Generally, you want to have 42 to 48 inches of elbow room surrounding a typical 2’ by 4’ kitchen island. If you plan on placing seating, there usually will be 12 to 18 inches of overhanging trim on one or more sides.

Light and Power

The extra counter space you will get from a kitchen island provides an additional prep area but in order to be truly useful, the electronics must always be planned carefully. Dishwashers, microwaves and other electrical appliances should have their electric components kept separately from the plumbing pipes. Ask your kitchen and bathroom remodel contractor to place an additional socket (or two) to further increase productivity.

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