Design Principles for Kitchen Countertops

Most homeowners believe that the more counter space they have in the kitchen, the better. However, there are different design principles you should consider when designing your counters.

Design Principles for Kitchen Countertops

In this post, your local whole home remodel expert, DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen, discusses the best design practices for kitchen countertops.

Design Principles

  • Total Length – It’s recommended to have at least 158 inches of minimum linear countertop frontage. This amount of countertop space may not be possible to install on small homes with L-shaped kitchens or small galleys.
  • Edges – Only a few manufacturers produce 90-degree edged counters. Rounded or clipped edges are more preferred over counters with sharp edges. Countertops with sharp square corners and edges are more likely to experience problems. The inside corners in appliance cutouts can increase the chances of countertop cracking.
  • Counter Depth – Most counters are manufactured 24–25 inches deep or the distance between the counter edge and the wall.
  • Space Above Counters – Have at least 15 inches between countertops and the undersides of wall cabinets. Hire an experienced contractor for your kitchen remodel to make sure you have sufficient space for your blender, microwave and other small appliances.

Choosing Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen design trends can change from time to time but it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to remodel your space every few years. Choosing a neutral palette will provide you with more decorating options. For instance, granite is a versatile material and many find it appealing, which helps if you’re thinking of selling your home in the future.

Another thing to consider is the material’s maintenance needs. Routine maintenance is necessary to keep your kitchen countertops in good shape. It’s recommended to avoid materials that require regular sealing, especially for busy households.

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