5 Common Kitchen Island Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

A properly-designed kitchen island can make your kitchen workflow easier and more efficient. Getting the kitchen island design right the first time around lets you enjoy its benefits, as well as prevents having to spend extra money on do-overs. In this blog, kitchen and bathroom remodel contractor DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen shares the common mistakes you should avoid when designing your kitchen island.

  1. Not Thinking Its Purpose Through — Before starting on the kitchen island design, consider its purpose, and how it would address deficiencies in your kitchen workflow. A larger work surface can expand a small prep area, or perhaps add a service area or breakfast nook. A kitchen island can also enhance kitchen storage.

  1. Choosing the Wrong Island Size — Your kitchen island needs to be the right size, relative to your kitchen. An oversized kitchen island would cause difficulty moving around the kitchen, while an undersized one won’t be as useful as it should be. A kitchen remodel contractor like us can help you plan the right island size that will work with the kitchen floor plan.

  1. Not Considering Your Workflow — You’re probably already familiar with the kitchen work triangle, which, if properly implemented, can help make your kitchen workflow more efficient. A kitchen work triangle typically consists of three points—refrigerator, cooktop and kitchen sink—that you can move between effortlessly. The kitchen island shouldn’t be an obstruction.

  1. Cramming Too Many Seats — If your kitchen island doubles as a breakfast nook or an informal dinner table, make sure it accommodates enough seating. Ideally, seats should be placed every two feet. Cramming them closer can result in people elbowing each other.

  1. Poor Lighting — Kitchen island countertops are used as workspaces, so it will need accent lighting. In addition to ambient and soft overhead lighting, purpose lighting helps prevent mistakes and accidents during food preparation. It can also double as presentation lighting when you’re using the kitchen island for buffet-style food service.

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