Why Barn Doors Are Ideal for Seniors

Aging-in-place remodeling is geared towards improving accessibility for homeowners who plan on staying at home in their later years. While most aging-in-place improvements focus on bathrooms and kitchens, access between rooms are often overlooked. In this blog, bathroom and kitchen remodel contractor DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen discusses why barn doors are a great aging-in-place solution.

Barn Doors Do Not Get in the Way

Traditional swinging doors present issues that people without mobility challenges take for granted. For example, ever notice that when you open an in-swinging door, you stand aside or take a step back to get out of its swing path? You probably didn’t have to think about it when opening the door, but when taking a single step takes some effort, or when you’re wheelchair-bound, moving between rooms can be difficult.

A barn door helps improve access between rooms by traveling in a linear path instead of an arc. A well-balanced barn door can be pushed aside for easy and effortless access, while still providing privacy when needed. You can ask your bathroom remodel contractor to add safety features, such as soft closers to prevent pinched hands.

Barn Doors Allow Wider Passage and Save Space

Eliminating door swing path helps make it easier to move between rooms, which can be crucial when one needs to move medical equipment from one room to another. Rooms with limited floor space can benefit from the space-saving features barn doors offer. The space beside the entryway can be optimized to accommodate grab bars without worrying about a hinged door getting in the way.

In addition to these benefits, barn doors can be made so that they fit with the rest of the home’s decor. More than a few homeowners hesitate to switch to barn doors because barn doors give the impression of large and heavy wooden doors. But the truth is, barn doors can be made from virtually any material, including vinyl and pine. Combined with quality hardware, these light materials make opening and closing barn doors easy.

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