5 Kitchen Remodel Ideas on a Budget

According to the 2019 Houzz & Home study conducted by industry website Houzz, kitchens are the most popular and most expensive place to renovate in the home. The great thing about a kitchen remodel is you don’t have to do all of it at once. In this blog, DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen shares a look at kitchen remodeling tasks you can do on a budget.

  1. Repaint the Bathroom — Whether you prefer to do it by yourself or hire someone to repaint your home, repainting your kitchen is one of the simplest low-cost projects that can transform your kitchen. A simple color palette change can freshen up the look of your kitchen.
  2. Update Appliances — If your kitchen appliances are starting to show their age, then consider updating them. When buying new appliances, choose energy-efficient options that bear ENERGY STAR® certification. In addition to improving your kitchen’s looks and functionality, new appliances can also help you save on your monthly energy costs.
  3. Cabinet Refacing — Cabinet refacing is a kitchen and bathroom remodel process that updates existing cabinets by having the doors replaced. The cabinet structure remains practically unchanged. In fact, the cabinets don’t even have to be emptied during refacing.
  4. Install Lighting Fixtures — Improve kitchen lighting by adding or replacing lighting fixtures. Add task lighting to your kitchen workspace. Under-cabinet lighting provides lighting with unobtrusive placement. Consider this an opportunity to replace all your kitchen lighting with LED bulbs, for more energy savings.
  5. Upgrade or Remove Doors — Open floor plans create the illusion of space, and has become a standard home design today. Removing walls can take your kitchen remodeling budget to its limit, particularly if the wall is load-bearing one, but you can get rid of doors that separate the kitchen from the rest of the house. You can take this further by converting your cabinets to open ones. When doing this, you will have to make sure the cabinet contents are organized, otherwise it may make your kitchen look messy.

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