Factors That Can Affect Your Bathroom Remodeling Timeline

A typical bathroom remodel takes about three weeks from start to finish, though there are several factors that can affect this. In this blog, DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen shares these factors that may shorten—or prolong—your bathroom remodeling timeline.

Makeover Vs. Full Remodel

A bathroom makeover generally involves cosmetic changes, which means no part of the bathroom will be demolished. The plumbing and floor plan would be more or less the same, and the work will be limited to replacing fixtures, tiles, vanities and toilets. Since it requires less materials and labor, a bathroom makeover takes about three to five days to finish.

A full bathroom remodel takes longer because it will require rebuilding the bathroom from the ground up. Demolition work takes about two days, including cleaning all of the debris. The new bathroom design may include a new floor plan, therefore new plumbing and electrical lines, as well as preliminary carpentry, will take up the first week alone. The second week covers installing insulation, then hanging, finishing and painting drywall. The third and final week covers tile work, cabinetry and flooring, as well as fixtures and other finishing touches.

Other Factors

Another factor that may affect a bathroom or kitchen remodel timeline is the choice of material. For example, flooring materials such as porcelain, ceramic and marble tiles all have different installation requirements. The heavier the material, the harder it is to cut, therefore the longer it takes to install. 

Unplanned structural repairs may also extend installation time. Such repairs are required when moisture damage or other issues that affect the structure are found. This may prolong bathroom remodeling depending on the extent of the damage, and if additional materials will be required. Unplanned repairs are generally not part of the estimated cost. So if your bathroom hasn’t been remodeled for a long time, better play it safe and prepare an emergency budget of about 10% to 20% of the estimated cost.

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