Top Home Remodeling Trends of 2019

The remodeling industry continues to grow as more people decide to stay in their homes and age in place. Remodeling your current house is an excellent way to make your dream home a reality without having to pack up and move in search of a new home. A bathroom remodel or kitchen remodel might be just the ticket to transform your home and make it better fit your needs. In today’s post, we’ll discuss the most popular home upgrades in 2019.

Farmhouse Modern

Experts say that the trend known as “farmhouse modern” is popular across the country. Fortunately, this style is really easy to replicate in almost any kind of home. Focus on getting furniture and decor that takes natural elements and gives these elements a sleek and architectural look. Homeowners in 2019 love natural finishes and fabrics and they want their home to have a rustic and homey feel.

Bold Designs and Accents

If you need two words to describe home trends in 2019, then playful and expressive are those words. Homeowners today gravitate towards bold accents and designs. If you are planning an upcoming kitchen or bathroom remodel, then it’s important to keep this in mind. Examples of this trend include colorful kitchen cabinets, mixed metal hardware, colorful backsplashes and accent walls.

Smart-Home Systems

Integrated smart-home systems is also increasingly becoming popular. Smart home technology can greatly improve a home’s security and make it much more convenient to manage. Automated thermostats makes managing a home’s temperature and humidity a breeze. Integrated bluetooth audio systems, meanwhile, can do fun things like playing a certain song once a certain person enters a room. Advanced cameras and alarm systems can also take a home’s security to the next level.

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