Design Brief: What Is It and What Should Be in It?

When you’re conducting a bathroom or kitchen remodel project, it’s often recommended that you have a design brief on hand for the duration of the job. A guide that will help your project turn out exactly the way you want it to, a design brief can help you create a vision for your final product as well as reflect your goals and objectives. But how exactly does a design brief help you do this?

Goals and Objectives

It’s easy to lose sight of your goals and objectives during the whirlwind that is a remodeling project. Thankfully, a design brief can help you avoid that. To start making your design brief, write a list of what you want your final design to encompass. While this list might be long and limited by your budget, it will ultimately help you explore your possibilities for the remodeling job.

Schedule and Budget

Everyone wants their bathroom remodel to stay on schedule and within budget. After all, if a project runs longer than it should, it’s going to cost you more than you can pay. With that in mind, you should be realistic with your budget and scheduling needs and make a note of this in your design brief so you don’t lose track. To help you remain in budget, list down any possible alternatives to your materials if the recommended one is unavailable or out of your budget scope.

Potential Styles

When you’re looking for potential styles for your new kitchen or bathroom, be sure to put your options on the design brief. That way, you can show it to your contractor before the project starts and they can tell you which styles will work best for the space you’re remodeling.

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