How to Choose Finishes For Bathroom Fixtures

If you want a simple but effective way to spruce up your bathroom, you should focus on its fixtures. Sometimes, it’s the smallest details that can make a big difference. You’ll notice this once you pick a new finish for your bathroom fixtures. But how exactly do you get started on this small upgrade? DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Minneapolis-St Paul, the area’s premier expert in bath and kitchen remodel, shares tips.

1. Consider polished chrome. This is probably one of the most popular finishes available today–and with good reason. Polished chrome is highly versatile, allowing it to work well with almost every bathroom style. Whether you have a classic all-white bathroom or a modern, Zen-like one, this finish can add an elegant touch to your space. On occasion, you might notice water spots and fingerprints on the glossy surface of polished chrome fixtures. They are simple enough to clean off, however.

2. Get brushed nickel for its durability. Brushed nickel finishes offer a softer shine than polished chrome. However, they are proven more durable, allowing it to retain its finish for longer. Brushed nickel doesn’t show fingerprints, water sorts, or wear and tear, which makes them worry-free to clean and maintain. To determine if this specific finish works best for your space, consult a trusted bath remodel company like DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Minneapolis-St Paul. We’ll help you explore your options so you can make a decision that’s right for you and your space.

3. Oil-Rubbed Bronze. This finish has become popular in the late 90s and remains a favorite among homeowners. Bath fixtures with an oil-brushed bronze finish can add to the look of a vintage bathroom because of its darker shine. What’s more, their surfaces won’t show any marks or smudges, so cleaning and maintaining them is effortless.

Whether it’s a bath upgrade or awhole home remodel, DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Minneapolis-St Paul can deliver the best results. Expect only a smooth remodeling experience when you work with us. We serve Edina, Plymouth, and Minnetonka, MN, plus the nearby areas. Call us today at (952) 417-9999 or fill out thiscontact formto schedule a consultation.