Setting Up a Comfortable and Calm Home Office

Working from home on a regular basis offers great perks, but it’s also all too easy to get distracted. Perhaps now is the perfect time to set up a home office–one that can inspire a calm and comfortable vibe. DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Minneapolis-St. Paul, your trusted bathroom remodel expert in the area, shares some useful tips.

1. Carve out your own space. This doesn’t mean plopping down a desk and chair in some long-forgotten corner of your home. Because you’re working from home most of the time, you should have a space dedicated to office-related tasks. You should consider investing in a home addition from a local remodeler like DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Minneapolis-St Paul. We can maximize your home’s available space so we can create a proper office that is customized for your comfort and convenience.

2. Keep the room organized. You’ll want your home office to remain clean and uncluttered, which means making sure every item has its own space. Consider adding smart storage options, along with a suitable work surface where you can spread out and get your work done in a more efficient fashion. Just turn to DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Minneapolis-St Paul, the area’s premier kitchen remodel company and our design specialists will be more than happy to guide you through our selection of quality storage options.

3. Put emphasis on peace and quiet. Your home office should have a layout that allows for smoother movement. After all, it would be difficult to work in a space where you’re likely to bump into the printer or stub your toe on a table. Having a good home office layout ensures better comfort and functionality. And if you want to evoke a calm and quiet feel inside this space, you should pick a lighter color palette. A soft blue or green for the walls, plus furniture and surfaces in white or cream, will work perfectly.

Aside from a whole home remodel, DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Minneapolis-St. Paul is your one-stop-shop for your home office needs. With our high-quality services, we’ll make sure you get the lovely, functional, but also calm and comfortable workspace you need. We serve Edina, Plymouth, and Minneapolis, MN, plus the surrounding areas. Call us today at (952) 417-9999 or fill out this contact form to schedule a consultation.