3 Common Barriers to Aging in Place, and Their Solutions

Whether you’re a homeowner entering their golden years, or one looking to improve their living space’s functionality, you should consider adding aging in place features into your home. Aging in place refers to a home design idea that accommodates all people of ages and abilities. It’s never too early to incorporate these features into your home–but aging in place is not without obstacles. DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Minneapolis-St. Paul, the trusted bathroom and kitchen remodel company in the area, discusses more of it here.

  1. Existing Home Design. A majority of older adults express their desire to live independently in their home, but most of the time, the one barrier that prevents this is the current home design. Not every home is built to be completely accessible–one may lack a good, efficient layout and the other may not have enough space. For this reason, you should consider investing in a remodel from DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Minneapolis-St. Paul. 

  2. As your premier bathroom remodel company, we can configure your home with an updated design that best suits your specific needs. We look to the requirements set by the American Disabilities Act (ADA) as a guide. This allows for a living space that can safely and comfortably accommodate those with limited mobility. 

  1. Lack of Preparation. As we’ve mentioned, it’s never too early to add aging in place features into your home. Think ahead, do the necessary preparations, and have them integrated to your living space while you can. This helps ensure that you can remain at home–safe, healthy, and independent–for longer. 

  1. Accessibility Issues. As people get older and become more prone to health issues, they gradually lose the ability to accomplish daily tasks. But you can mitigate this with a couple of additions in your home. DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Minneapolis-St. Paul, the leading whole-home remodel expert, offers independent remodeling services that aim to make your space a safer and more accessible environment. We make this happen by integrating walk-in tubs, anti-slip flooring, curbless showers, lever handles, and built-in benches in showers in your master bathroom. For the kitchen, we can install lower countertops and shallower sinks, wider doorways, pull-down shelving, and more accessible cabinetry. 

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